How you can Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts

Various people have asked how I manage several Twitter accounts without going nut products. In a nutshell, I use some of my Twitter accounts as revenue streams regarding my various businesses. I twitter update paid advertisements through my Tweets accounts and affiliate marketing programs such as the ones I feature on our various blogs.

I have between 20 and thirty Twitter accounts energetic at any given time. The way I use them would be to tweet information from my personal account and then have the other accounts re-tweet what I have said. This builds followers for both my personal account and for my various business balances. In total, I have about 20, 1000 followers on all accounts mixed, but I only really read the items posted by those I actually follow in my personal account. I do accept direct messages from all my accounts, and those messages go into an Outlook folder that collects all of them for me.

I read the direct communications daily. Most of the direct messages We get are spam or auto-bot messages (sometimes called circular or spinning messages) from people I possess auto-followed because they have followed myself. If you’re ready to find more information in regards to buy old twitter accounts review our own web site.
By segregating these messages, We don’t have to waste valuable time reading through all of them while trying to get to the good stuff. An application product I use helps me immediately generate followers for any accounts I would like to add. I charge some of my clients a small monthly fee additional for them.

Some recent developments create Twitter management both easier and much more difficult at the same time. With Twitter listings, you can compile specific people you want to follow into a list and study only the posts from members of the list. I had been doing this manually. Now, Twitter automates this process.

In First month of the year 2010, Twitter began requiring third-party bulk applications to adjust their third-party interfaces. I have been using Twitter Karma as my go-to application to delete those followers who do not stick to me back. It’s just a guide process now, and it takes a little bit longer, but it’s still the particular quickest and easiest way to go.

I use a product called Tweet Deck to see what others are saying, to read direct messages, and to check out other people’s profiles. So far, it’s the best tool We have used and I’m running it on three or four machines right now. Twitter update Deck is monitoring more than twenty different kinds of accounts for me, including Tweets accounts, my personal Facebook account, various Fan Pages, and various Internet searches.

There are ways to use Twitter with regard to generating some income, and some of the ways actually work for me. They can work for you, as well. A future article will explain how we do this.