Successfully Marketing Your Financial Services Firm

You might have likely heard it before – either from your manager or in case you are the boss after looking very hard in the mirror: “you need a plan”.

When the tire hits the sidewalk, the excuse most bring up concerning a financial advisor-marketing plan is that is actually time consuming, requires consistency and can often be frustrating. We think of cool calling, uncomfortable networking events, or dreaded public speaking. It doesn’t have to be this way.

The key really is to follow some simple steps and try hard not to move too far out of your comfort zone. What do I mean? Actually we all have unique talents and your business should be built around the places you feel most comfortable with and enhance your best. A colleague once informed me after decade of trying to wake with the birds… “I’ve come to recognize I’m just not a morning person, simple as that”, so he runs meetings starting later in the day.

How does this relate to marketing your financial services practice? There exists way of marketing today that was never considered prior to just a few years ago. However , will that mean all of them are going to work for you? Should you run out there and tap into just about all means of marketing and expect instant achievement?

The answer in short is NO. Some of us prefer to sit behind a desk plus write rather than talk to anyone. Ought to this individual be out there creating video clips or conducting financial seminars? A much better solution likely for this personality kind may be to write blogs, spend time with on the web social networking sites or even [gasp!] make the dreaded cold phone calls. The individual that loves to get up in front of crowds, see himself on you-tube… it builds confidence and makes him or her feel like everyone sees a celebrity in the field of finance. Without a doubt this individual should feel comfortable conducting financial workshops or putting together video blogs or pod casts.

First things first

The particular steps needed in a solid marketing plan is to begin by avoiding the destructive path of making too many mistakes, such as mentioned in the aforementioned responses regarding your strengths. A successful plan starts by identifying a target market. That is your defined audience? If you think you are able to just market to anyone that can talk, you’ve just made your best big mistake. Does the dental practitioner that sells dentures market in order to teenagers? Define who you wish to become your “A” client first. The particular financial services practice can be honed down to a narrow market. Could your background be more accustomed to dealing with the particular blue collar type worker your own family owned a plumbing business? In order to achieve the maximum results possible, marketplace to who or what you understand best.

If you were starting a company from scratch, needed capital in order to get items off the ground, one of the very first items of curiosity to a lending institution would be a business strategy. Should the recipe for success be any different for financial advisor? A marketing plan is also imperative for that advisor to be successful. Saying you’re going to do two seminars in the spring and something in the fall is not an advertising plan. What is the granddaddy of all advertising that attracts more viewers in one day than many sitcoms in a year? The super bowl without a doubt gathers more views and more advertising dollars than most. Do you think they take a seat on their hands until the playoffs are usually over? They start likely the morning after the previous super bowl online game is in the books. A solid advertising plan, one that is consistent, ought to plan things out at least per year in advance. Get a large wall diary and begin planning right away. What will constitute your best marketing plan?

How will you marketplace?

The avenues of marketing nowadays as mentioned previously are beyond types imagination and the likely continuation associated with ideas via the internet remain endless. Remember your personality when choosing these strategies and be careful not to fall target to organizations that promote the particular “one shoe fits all” -“best thing since power steering” strategies. If you choose one of the methods listed below, try to partner it with one or two additional for testing and variety. Remember, all marketing takes period so don’t give up in just per week or two, give it time to function and you’ll likely be happy with the results…


While they’ve been around for many years – an aging population plus high commission products seemed to be both ingredients necessary to blow up the workshop circuit in the 90’s. Senior your meal seminars began to emerge as a way to sell off these products and generate large profits, which virtually every annuity marketing organization has exploited to this day. About the only frontier that hasn’t been completely soaked from a seminar standpoint – is definitely seminars from fee only advisors.

Seminars are a great way to market and build a financial services practice if done properly and with no hidden agenda. To collect assets under management for instance, it would be unproductive to discuss insurance type products. When conducting seminars for you finance practice, have specific topics in mind to benefit the audience as if you had been instructing them with no potential financial benefit in mind. If you plan on carrying out a seminar for the first time, keep in mind that you don’t want to throw it together last minute. There are several details involved in conducting seminars for your optimum result. Important items of interest include the location, the list of who also to invite, the topic and just how to convert the attendees to potential clients.


Posting a blog can drive clients and potential clients to your website easier than almost any other form of advertising. Consistency and fluency are major components to a successful blog strategy. The Internet is full of material to make use of in the financial services industry, however make certain the content on your blog is primary and not just copy and paste content material. That could not only be illegal, but additionally a sure way to turn off search engines and potential readers. Blogging equipment that enable you to write such as Wp make it easy to an add custom look as well as useful advisor related functions, such as a stock ticker or immediately updating financial news headlines. Keep the compliance in mind and remember a lot of folks could see your writing – thus try to be at least a halfway good writer and get a proofreader with regard to grammar, syntax, etc .

Podcasts and Webinars

Like the blogs this method of marketing does not require the advisor to be confident in front of a crowd.
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If you are the type that finds it difficult to find the ideal words or you break the flow of speaking with a lot of word whiskers than this might be the perfect method for you. Gather the notes you can use for the presentation, find the right website and away you go. The really great part of this form of marketing will be once you schedule them on your diary you’re able to do them at any time that’s hassle-free for you, rather than having to worry about getting to a specific location for an event.

Along with podcasts and webinars, for the more ambitious advisors – give a radio show a try. I’ve know various advisors that used this form of marketing, and while time consuming it can repay huge over time while making you an immediate star.

Social Networking

Social media has erupted on the internet in recent years. Sites that are devoted to this such as FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter have all shown significant capability to build a social network marketing campaign. Once again though, the target market or niche must be carefully thought out to ensure the greatest possibility of success. These sites allow an advisor to join a group or create his or her personal group.

Should you decide to produce a group remember to allocate enough time to create your group worth the time and effort for others to want to visit. Exactly what is interesting about some of the networking websites is once you’ve established yourself inside a group, emailing the group and welcoming them to your group is easy.

Centers of Influence

There are few referrals better than those that come from a CPA or Attorney. These centers associated with influence carry a lot of weight, specifically for high net worth individuals. Many advisors know it can be difficult to develop plus nurture a COI marketing strategy, nevertheless it pay off – it pays off big.

Keep in mind there is a time to contact these professionals and a time to allow them to do their work. Would you get in touch with a CPA from February to April? One such strategy can be nurtured as an example is the 2010 changes to the ROTH IRA. Would it be a feasible strategy to do a client appreciation workshop and partnering with a CPA concerning the new tax law change? Keeping in mind any compliance regulations, the opportunity exists for each of you to ask your top clients and talk briefly about the changes in taxes law and the economy. The same could be true of the COI Attorney romantic relationship.

Client Appreciation Events

The only recommendation that likely trumps a center of influence referral – is a direct referral from a satisfied customer. Rather than conducting your client evaluation meeting one on one in person, why not invite your clients to a client gratitude event? If you schedule an event once every 6 months, you’ve not only handled base in person with your clients two times per year, but you’ve allowed free time during the rest of the year for other marketing.

In addition , allow let them know that if they have a friend that qualifies for your services they are welcome to bring them along as a guest. If you’ve ever put on a client seminar than it’s easy to talk in front of a group about the economy, changes in the industry, taxes, income and what the near future may look like for the financial markets.