Benefits of Organic Traffic for Your Freelance Web site

One of the main worries of any business owner that will operates online is getting traffic to the website. No traffic equals no product sales, equals a nearly useless internet site. But there are many ways of getting that traffic, from paid ads to word of mouth referrals. Organic traffic is definitely traffic you don’t need to spend money on, and apart from being free it has many other advantages.


People who come to your website with a search engine or a link they clicked on on are more likely to trust your website that somebody who comes from an ad, and that means they are more likely to transform. The reason for this is that the search engine or the website linking to yours served, in a way, as your sponsor and it signalled to its user that your website is worth visiting.

Anybody can buy advertisement space, provided they have enough money, but getting the first position on Google requires the backing of various other website owners linking to a particular site. If you are trying to start a freelancing company, trust is a commodity you’ll never have sufficient of.

Sustainable Traffic

Once you have achieved first page rankings for a particular keyword, or a number of other sources of organic traffic for your business web site, it will keep on bringing you visitors until somebody else takes the spot. The maintenance cost of organic traffic is a lot lower than, for example , a PPC campaign that will stop bringing in traffic the moment its budget is spent.

This makes organic traffic a great approach to small and medium businesses that will cannot allocate large amounts of money in order to advertising, but can spend a couple of hours a week doing link building and article marketing tasks to improve their search engine standings. Organic traffic usually takes longer to begin producing results, especially compared with a paid advertising campaign. On the other hand, it will keep bringing visitors without active energy on your part for much longer compared to any ad campaign would.

Higher Conversion Rate

Many businesses have seen their sales skyrocket when a famous person endorsed them on a TV or perhaps a newspaper. One of the benefits of the Internet is the fact that anybody can cause that effect for your website: there are many bloggers that, without being famous, have loyal readerships that listen to their opinions. The organic traffic you could get by being reviewed from such site is likely to have a very higher conversion rate.