Probiotics – Are Probiotics More Harmful Then Good For Your Body?

Probiotics are microorganisms that are said to give a lot of health benefits to the body. In common tongue, people know probiotics as ‘good bacteria’ and the word ‘bacteria’ makes it difficult for some to see it in good light.

Probiotics (Live Microorganisms) Are Found Inside Your Body

Did you know that the body contains over 400 types of bacteria? Yes, it does!
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It has a mix of bad and good bacteria, wherein the bad ones can cause health issues, and the good ones promote health. The good ones are called probiotics.

What Are Common Types Of Probiotics Inside Your Body

The most common probiotics found inside our body are bifidus, lactobacillus, and acidophilus. These are the probiotics that promote good health because their main function is to fight the bad bacteria inside our body, including fungi and candida albicans.

Without probiotics, bad bacteria can grow in numbers inside our body. It can lead to diseases and also prevent our body from properly absorbing vitamins from the food we eat. Furthermore, an increased number of bad bacteria in our body can also increase the number of toxins, which can result to life threatening diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, and more.

Probiotic Supplements

Fortunately, probiotics can be sourced from a lot of products nowadays, including supplements. So now we do not have to rely on what our body can produce, or have a reliance on some specific food products that boosts the good bacteria. Probiotic supplements are best because they are specially formulated to make sure that we get the recommended dosage of probiotics, to keep our health in tiptop condition all the time.

Duly Approved By The US Food & Agriculture Organization and The Food & Drug Administration

Despite the good reputation of probiotics in the health industry, many are still asking if this so called ‘good bacteria’ is indeed safe to take. Both the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) states that probiotics is safe under regulated amounts to the human body, and thus promote health benefits.

Nonetheless, the FDA still requires further research and studies to make sure that the quality of the market-produced probiotics will still improve.

To give you more information about the different health benefits of probiotics, please see the list below:

Boosts immune system
Boosts Vitamin B and K in the body
Produces carcinogens (anti cancer agents)
It acts as an antibiotic inside your body
Improves bowel functions
It can aid diarrhea and Crohn’s disease
Improve skin infection (including acne)
Can fight the harmful effects of pollution and even radiation
Regulates blood pressure
It acts as a good stress buster
Improves oral health, because it prevents bad breath
Improves fertility
These are just some of the many benefits of taking probiotics. Talk to your doctor today, and seek some guidance before taking it. When it comes to health, it is still best to get professional advice before putting anything in your body.