How To Get The Most From Your Air Conditioning Service

If you turn on your air con on the first hot day of the year it could be frustrating to find that your unit can be struggling to cool the room, or even worse, not working at all. While they have recommended you get a professional engineer to finish an air conditioning service as part of your annual property maintenance, there are also a few easy checks that you can do in between to keep your own air conditioning running smoothly.

Keep your air conditioning unit clean

Most air conditioning faults are caused by lack of cleanliness, but simply dusting the vents regularly can make a huge difference to the life of your unit. Another simple thing you can do to improve the hygiene of your air con system is to remove the filters, spray them down with antibacterial spray plus rinse with warm water. The cleaner you keep your unit, the less often you’ll need to have an air conditioning support.

Change or clean the filter

The reason your air con system includes a filter is both to protect the mechanics inside, as well as keeping the air clean inside your home or office. If this filter isn’t kept clean occur to be making your air con system function harder and less efficiently, signifying your energy bill will be higher and your yearly air conditioning service may not be sufficient to keep your unit in a healthy body. Some air con filters have to be washed rather than replaced and vice versa. An electrostatic filter is cleaned, while a disposable fibreglass or paper filter should be replaced fairly regularly; anywhere between once a month and two times a year, depending on the air quality in your area. Check it regularly to determine how often you should be changing yours. A filter which needs changing will look blocked with dust.
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Make sure the condensing unit is not obstructed

The condensing unit is the part of your air con system that sits outside and brings the air in. If this becomes obstructed by weeds, dead leaves and even outdoor furniture you’ve stored against it, your air conditioning may not act as well as it could do. Create cleaning the area around the unit component of your regular property maintenance. It’s also good to do this before an air conditioner service, to avoid being charged by engineer for time spent cleansing, and also to avoid misdiagnosis of why your unit isn’t working correctly.

Check airflow on inside plus outside unit

Once you’ve removed any kind of obstructions from the condensing unit, make sure that the airflow is powerful and consistent on both units. If the air flow is poor this can indicate that the air conditioning system has a blocked coils or a failing fan. In most cases it will probably be necessary to call a professional air con professional to investigate the problem and provide a solution.

Change between heating and cooling modes

It’s a good idea to accomplish a DIY air conditioning service if it has been a while since you’d used your air con system. One quite simple thing you can do is to try switching between the cooling and heating settings. If your air conditioning is stuck on one setting, it normally indicates that there is a problem with the reversing valve. In such a circumstance you should call in a professional engineer.

Maintenance any rust or corrosion

Examine over your air con system, particularly the outdoor unit, for any signs of corrosion or corrosion. If the damage is minimal, you can usually repair it by painting over it with waterproof metal paint. If the rust or deterioration is more severe you should call in a house maintenance professional. Ask your engineer to check for signs of oxidation whilst completing your air conditioning service.