Cyber-terrorist and Social Engineering Techniques

Are you aware of what social engineering is? Public engineering is the act of manipulating people into doing actions or even exposing confidential information. It’s trickery or deception to gather information, fraud, or computer system access where in the hacker never comes face-to-face with all the victim. Here are some of the social executive techniques:

The hacker steals passwords through guessing the victim’s password reminder question with the help of gathered information from his or her social networking profile. 1 incident was when Hacker Roll was able to guess the password plus broke into an e-mail accounts of Twitter’s administrative assistant using the Google’s password reset feature. Following this, Hacker Roll was able to forward hundreds of pages of internal Twitter files to different websites including TechCrunch that has published some and referred to others. Another college student also broke into Gov. Sarah Palin’s Yahoo email account using Yahoo’s password reset questions.

People should be careful within creating passwords for their accounts. They ought to not disclose personal information on providers like Facebook, Twitter and some other social networking sites because it will be easy for hackers to know your passwords. With all the information available in your social websites, it’s easy to crack and discover your passwords. It’s like you are giving away your passwords or inviting hackers to have an access on your account.

The hacker befriends an individual or a group to gain their trust. And if the victims already trust him, he will associated with victim click on links or attachment infected with Malware which can damage a corporate system. There’s nothing wrong with meeting new friends in the Internet but it is very dangerous since you don’t really know the people who you might be dealing with online. It’s not advisable to receive, accept or open links plus attachments to unknown source. The particular hacker also pretends to be an insider to get information from the workers.
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If people think that you work with the same company, they will trust you a lot including the information that you need. This will be a huge advantage on your part.

The hacker also impersonates you or your pals, even other people. He can message a person anytime using the name of your buddy. He will ask you a favor such as asking for data from your office. As you are not aware that you are talking to the stranger and not your friend, likely to give him what he needs. Following this, he can manipulate the data that you have provided to him and this will really put you into trouble. A hacker can also call any company and claim that he could be from technical support. In this situation, he can pretend that he is part of the tech support team, help solve the problem and be able to have access from the victim’s computer and start Malware.

Hackers and social engineering techniques can devastate your business or even personal life. Include spoofing or even hacking IDs for private emails, social networking sites or chat chronicles, phishing credit card account numbers and their passwords, and hacking internet sites of companies to destroy reputation. With the growing of numbers of online hackers nowadays, it’s important to protect your system plus company at the same time. You should be careful sufficient when dealing with unknown person simply because they might deceive or manipulate you. Remember, the only purpose of the online hackers and social engineering techniques would be to exploit human weaknesses to get private benefits.

Hackers use social engineering to trick people and disclose passwords or information that will damage the security of an individual, group or even company. Social engineering really relies on human weakness than weakness of the computer system (hardware, software, network design, etc . ) itself. If you have been victimized by hackers and your computer gets infected, worry no more. Techie Right now can give a solution to your problem. Call us now and we will remove the infections of your computer. Techie Now will work on your computer right away.