Pitbull Puppies For Sale – Beware : What Exactly Are They Selling

PitBull Puppies for sale; You read this in the paper, on lawn indicators, on posting boards in the store, and about anywhere that you can think of; PitBull Puppies For Sale. But , what exactly are they selling? What is the general pedigree constitute of these pitbull puppies for sale? Are they mixed with another breed? Will they will be mentally stable when they grow up? Do you want this around you family?

Just about all puppies are cute, cuddly, sweet, innocent little creatures we can not help but like them; no surprise so many people want puppies, especially off their own dogs. So they breed their particular dog to the guy down the street which has the same breed or the same breed type with no regard or even a thought about the outcome of these puppies when they are fully grown. There are a lot of people that will certainly breed their dog with their the next door neighbor’s dog with the idea in mind of cute adorable little puppies. Everyone will love them and they will sell in the paper, on a sign in the yard, or on an ad pinned up on a post board at the store. However a big problem arises when the informal breeder or backyard breeder begin breeding and selling puppies. It might not be that they are not necessarily concerned with the quality of the pups; it’s that the thought of the quality of the pups never enters their minds. They are just thinking cute adorable little puppies that everyone will love and they can market. These back yard breeders get precisely what they want, cute adorable little puppies just as expected.
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It is when these puppies that are bred with no high quality control and no selective breeding specifications grow up that is the problem. This is when the fully grown dog’s poor temperament arises and becomes dangerous.

These types of backyard breeders don’t know what they are performing and they don’t know that they don’t know what they are doing (unconscious incompetence). They have no business breeding dogs. Unfortunately it is this erroneous breeding practices exponentially boosted on top of one another that has damaged numerous breeds reputation, Rottweilers, Dobermans, German born Shepherds, and especially Pitbulls to name several.

Well bred dogs that earn shows and titles are breed by experienced breeders that have the knowledge and a lot of forethought into breeding the litter of puppies. Knowing which dogs to breed together whether it is linebreeding, double linebreeding, triple linebreeding or an outcross along with the appropriate selective breeding standards is what is required to help ensure the quality and honesty of all breeds including pitbulls. Getting a puppy from an experienced knowledgeable breeder is important when you consider who that puppy dog (when it is full grown) will be around; your family, friends, and children. It is a no brainer that you will want a well bred, quality dog through an experienced breeder that practices the proper selective breeding standards.